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Grief and loss

Whether you have experienced bereavement before or not, the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II has triggered feelings of grief and loss in so many people. I just wanted to remind you of these simple things that I hope will help the healing: -

  • Allow yourself to feel what you feel

  • Don't put a time limit on your grief

  • Remember the person you have lost, at their best time

  • Allow yourself to have bad days

  • Find your peace

On the subject of finding your peace, when there have been difficulties or hardship in your relationship with the person you have lost, it can be a little more complicated. People talk about ‘forgiveness’, which may seem overused and can sometimes seem too tall an order. A good alternative is the word ‘absolution’ - which means a formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment. Whether the person you've lost wronged you, or you wronged them, you can choose to release yourself from any residual feelings of resentment or anger. It’s not saying what happened was okay, it’s acknowledging it and finding a way to then move on, to let go of those negative feelings that may eat you up inside before you are able to absolve yourself. The person who has passed on has found their release on leaving your world, you are still here to live your life, so find your release 🦋

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